Become a foster carer

Why Foster?

Fostering a cat assists us to rescue and rehabilitate more abandoned and homeless cats. It also helps us to adopt cats to their loving forever homes, giving them a chance to adapt to life in a loving home, fully express their personality, recover from trauma and overcome their fears.

Fostering is a great way to have a pet if you aren’t in a position to commit to pet ownership right now.

Do you want to give a cat every chance of being adopted to their forever home?

Do you want to help give a cat a new start in life?

Becoming a foster carer

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, please email us expressing your interest and we can get you started on this fulfilling journey. There is an application form that needs to be completed so that we can perform an assessment to appropriately match your potential with the needs of our rescue cat.

We are constantly in need of foster carers to care for our rescued cats.

Your Role

As a Heart and Soul foster carer we ask that you care for the cats like they are your own, whilst they are with you, and show them what a loving forever home is like as long as they are in your care.

We ask that you:

  • Provide a safe, clean and secure indoor environment for our foster pet
  • Give the foster pet affection and interaction
  • Follow our guidance and regulations
  • Transport the foster pet to/from veterinary appointments when necessary
  • Care for all their needs – feeding, exercising, cleaning, socialising, giving medication (where necessary) and grooming
  • Participate in re-homing the pet by providing photos, videos and meet and greets with potential adoptees.
Cat wrapped in a blanket

You Receive

Cat playing with a branch

Fostering our cats is not only rewarding but also a pleasurable experience. It is fulfilling to know that you have played a vital role in the re-homing process and have given the cat every opportunity in life to be adopted into a loving and safe home.

Just imagine the feeling you receive when a cat is successfully re-homed that would otherwise be euthanised - priceless!